Funded by the Bedfordshire & Luton Community Youth Fund our Club Kick Start project seeks to establish sustainable youth football club structures for boys and girls in deprived areas of Luton.

Luton Borough Council and Luton Airport work in partnership through the Community Youth Fund to improve the quality of life of the people of Luton and particularly to provide positive activities for children and young people and reduce anti-social behaviour, strengthen community cohesion and improve health and promote health equality.  

Our Club Kick Start projects seek to establish youth football Clubs through a phased development that begins with establishing weekly coaching centres followed by establishing a group of a volunteers along with trained and qualified coaches. This is followed by organising local fixtures for assembled teams eventually playing affiliated football in local youth leagues.

These are ambitious projects, targeting socially disadvantaged areas of the Town, to help parents and kids form football clubs takes a lot of effort and money. It is a challenge especially where a high number of parents in these areas are new to the country and English is not their first language. Talk to anyone currently involved in running a team about just one issue, safeguarding, and they will tell you how much necessary work is involved.  

We have, however, successfully run projects in Marsh Farm, High Town and Farley Hill where local youngsters are now playing regular football in local teams.

If you want to start up a youth football club in Luton it may be worth giving our Community Office a call on 01582 561 622 for a chat or emailing us on[email protected] for advice or to take part in our Club Kick Start project.