Welcome to the 5 week challenge!

Climb Mount Everest and cross the English Channel - and back!

FIT HATTERS is a 12 week structured programme comprising 45 mins of classroom work and 45 mins of activity sessions designed to create a long term behaviour change to support more inactive people over 35 to become active. The programme aims to show participants 'how to eat better, be more active and importantly stay that way long term.

Our 5 week challenge is designed for FIT HATTERS who have completed the programme who want to maintain their activity levels and the the gains made over those 12 weeks. Participants should to see how far they can travel or how long it takes them to achieve the weekly targets. Remember they are targets so if you don't make it all the way up Everest or get stuck half way across the Channel - don't worry - we're looking for progression so record results and then on your next rotation look for marginal gains. Remember, we are looking to gradually build up activity levels to fit your lifestyle and achieve permanent long term changes that you can sustain - we're all in this for the long haul! So good luck!

FIT HATTERS 5 WEEK CHALLENGE - Programme + Video Guidance with James Hatch

Below we've set out the weekly challenges along with the support videos from James Hatch our FIT HATTER instructor. View the short videos before you take on each challenge and James will help you through the programme.

Week 1 challenge - Mountain climb (58,000 steps Mount Everest)

We are asking participants to perform 'Step ups' throughout the week to see how long and if they can complete the 58,000 steps in the shortest amount of time which will be the equivelant steps taken to climb mount Everest. If you can reach base camp week 1 that's a great start!

Week 1 video: https://youtu.be/Tbu80srnfEs 


Week 2 challenge - Marathon Man  (55,000 steps = 27miles)

Can you use 3 different forms of travel -walk, run or cycle as a triathlon of events to cover the distance in the shortest amount of time. The total distance you travel will cover a marathon. Start off with a 5k and work up to a half marathon before taking on the ultimate test!

Week 2 video: https://youtu.be/jBlrvfzes7o


Week 3 challenge - Alphabet Challenge (rep completion)

Using the alphabetic challenge document here  participants should aim to cover the exercises using their initials of their name. Starting off using your first name and then trying to include your surname if possible. Participants should aim to complete the exercises daily for the full week. (record day on day progress).

Week 3 video: https://youtu.be/LW9R_63GmEk

Week 4 challenge - Decathlon Challenge (rep completion)

Using the 10 exercises listed below we are asking participant's to complete as many of the exercises as possible 1 after each other daily for the full week. (record day on day progress) Can you increase reps by 5 times and time by 10 seconds day on day through the week?

1. Lunges 15 each leg

2. push-ups (floor 15 / wall incline 25)

3. Squats 50 reps

4. Abdominal curls 50 reps

5. Vertical punches 60 seconds

6. Calf raises 30 reps

7. Chair dips 20 reps

8. Plank 60 seconds

9. Wall squat 60 seconds

10. Jogging on the spot 5 minutes

11. Have a lie down - you've deserved it!

Week 4: https://youtu.be/n0USPikrrsI

Week 5 challenge - Crossing the English channel and back (84,000 steps 20.7 miles to cross in one direction)

Participants are asked to use any form of exercise (walk, jog, cycle) to cover the distance in the shortest amount of time and to see how many times they can cross the English channel - just make sure you make it back!

Week 5: https://youtu.be/48giOvOZrhc

Also don't forget to pop over to our main FIT HATTERS page which has a range of videos presented by James Hatch on range of movement and stretching which is important when embarking on a new programme of activity. This page is updated regularly with new exercises and drills for our existing signed FIT HATTERS cohort and everyone is welcome to take full advantage of the advice and activities which James demonstrates.

Good luck everyone - enjoy!! 

Please remember if you have not completed the 12 week FIT HATTERS course and undergone our preliminary health checks you should consult your local GP before taking part in the 5 week challenge if you have any health concerns or any underlying health conditions that effect your fitness.

If you require any additional information or support please contact James Hatch at [email protected]