Our Go Lead Go Stress Free course is a 6 week sports courses specifically designed to support adults in how to develop and use leadership skills in day to day situations.

It’s a bit of a stress buster using a combination of Football, Learning and Sports Leader Courses which we hope will help adults better manage symptoms such as – poor sleeping patterns, mood swings, difficulty in finding and keeping work and generally finding it stressful just dealing with everyday life. These are all sure signs of stress which is now recognised as a form of mental health. Through a combination of 5-a-side’s and classroom based subjects such as communication, what is a leader, working with others as well as putting it all into practise through improvising and coping strategies we will use game situations that might happen during a game and imagine how we can cope with all of that stress and how to deal with everything that happens unexpectedly during games and how to put into practice strategies to deal with the unexpected events that will happen– coping with life and stress is very similar.

If this is sounding interesting, then this courses could be for you. 

Give us a call at the community offices on 01582 561 622 or email [email protected] for further information.