The Community Trust have teamed up with the Avenue Centre for Education (ACE) in Luton  to provide our seven-week intervention programme for Luton High School boys and girls who are either at risk of, or are already, excluded from mainstream schooling and at risk of further being involved in anti-social behaviour.

The mentoring programme comprises six 3 hour sessions that uses the power of football and Luton Town FC to try and effect behaviour and discipline sufficiently enough to allow ex pupils the possibility of re-admission into mainstream education. Community Trust staff deliver lessons divided equally between PE and classroom based workshops and participants take part in football coaching, learn about Luton Town FC as a community club and explore factors effecting community participation. 

The project also offers the boys and girls the opportunity to visit the stadium, participate in a tour, speak with staff who have roles within football other than the players. Meet current first team players and discuss important factors of being a football player, including; behaviour, discipline, team work, skills and respecting opponents. 

Can we make a difference in six weeks? Well you’ll be surprised how anxious excluded boys and girls are to get back into mainstream education – maybe not at their previous school who may be reluctant to accept them again but at a new school offering a new opportunity – a new start in life. 

Football is one tool that can potentially make a difference and if you can show how disciplined professional football is with rules, codes of conduct and team discipline an essential part of everyday life for a professional player, then we hope that behaviour can be managed and influenced sufficiently to offer a better pathway for some of our younger community members.   


Give us a call at the community offices on 01582 561 622 or email [email protected] for further information.