As we all get older, the opportunities to keep fit decrease, and are often limited to isolated activity. Walking Football allows the over 50’s older generation to play a competitive sport in a more sociable environment.

If you’ve not tried it before and think what’s the point, then believe us when we say that it can be quite competitive as well as being a great way to stay fit and healthy. Of course, the sessions we run are really about getting fit and so can be as competitive or as friendly as you want – the real benefit is exercising without really thinking about it. Just think about the health benefits for a second – more muscle, harder bones that can help you build strength, lose weight and improve core stability – think how much better you will feel sinking a pint after all that!

Of course, as well as being able to increase your fitness levels we hope we can give your ‘emotional health’ a boost by turning out for regular sessions and meeting new people and we hope lots of our supporters will join in and maybe then have a pint afterwards in the bar at V360.

For those of you who used to play when you were younger I’m sure you can remember how much fun the ‘banter’ in the pub was after a game and probably how much you miss that friendship on a regular basis. The rules are simple, the same as five-a-side, if you can cast your memory back that far, except if you run, you concede a free kick – so no danger there then!

We run every Wednesday evening from 18.00 to 19.00 on the new astro turf pro-zones at) and really hope to see as many of you as possible – don’t worry if you haven’t pulled a shirt on for 20 years or you are think you might lack a bit of confidence – it will be your centre and probably everybody will be in the same boat – just looking for a bit of a run out (sorry walk out) and a social.

Give us a call at the community offices on 01582 561 622 or email [email protected] for further information